Tips For Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

Whether your flower girl is a niece, cousin, family, or sister-friend, wearing the perfect dress will make her feel confident and special throughout the big day. Here are the factors to think about when choosing a flower girl dress.

Get Ready For The Browse

It’s important that you get ready for the gown hunt. Unless you prepare to have your flower girl sit next to you as a referral the whole time you search online, which is an unlikely circumstance if she is extremely young, finding the best dress needs that you make certain preparations.

Take a close-up image of your flower woman’s face, in addition to a full-body photo. You can utilize these images as a referral to assist you select gown designs that match her age, height, physical appearance and hair, complexion and eye colouring.

Keep a pointer list at hand of important information so you do not need to remember them off the top of your head, such as her gown size and materials she can’t use because of irritation. 

The list should likewise note the quantity you want to pay, including the maximum quantity you are willing to pay if needed.

Print out in colour the images and pricing of the dresses you like the most. You can utilize the hard copies to compare the gowns side-by-side to help you make the last selection prior to buying.

Additional Idea: Your flower girl’s gown likewise requires to match your wedding event style and design. Use pictures of the prepared decorations for contrast, or look at colour swatches and decorations as you browse. And check a fantastic read to get the Distinct Flower Lady Dress Shops in Melbourne.

Spending Plan

A bride-to-be can purchase a flower lady dress in many places, such as bridal stores, online sellers, and department stores. Some brides select gowns particularly developed for flower ladies. And others go the more budget-friendly path and purchase a party dress. 

Prior to deciding on a dress, constantly inspect the price with the flower woman’s moms and dads, since they’ll likely pay for it. Out of courtesy, attempt to stay away from anything excessively pricey. The parents can likewise choose from a couple of various options. Or provide free rein over choosing any dress in a particular colour.

Choose Your Colour And Style

A bride has free reign over choosing the flower girl dress since no rules dictate proper style, fabric, fit, or colour. Some brides choose a flower girl dress in a similar hue to the bridesmaids’ dresses, which visually connects her to the bridal party.


It does not matter how young or old your flower lady is, you still desire her to be comfy in her gown. She will look really beautiful in her flower girl dress, but I can guarantee that if she is not comfortable, your entire wedding will do the same. Little girls love dressing up for unique occasions and they should. 

Although we are talking about flower lady gowns, you need to bear in mind that you will have to select a matching pair of shoes that she can wear for a long period of time and not start whimpering. 

It is advised you purchase her flats (no matter just how much she might ask for heels) that are made of patent leather. As you might know, shoes can likewise be dyed to match the colour scheme of your wedding celebration.

Wrinkle Factor And Quality

You want to remember that little ladies do not sit still either at the reception nor will they stand still while you state your swears. They also will not stay still although they are currently dressed while you attempt to place on your wedding dress either. Since she will want to move and on the off chance you can get her to remain seated while you dress, you wish to make certain that your flower woman’s gown remains cool and pretty. 

Always select materials that are not easily wrinkled and perhaps ripped. Stay away from materials such as silk and velvet to avoid wrinkle and tear, though they can typically be very comfy. The quality of the fabric is a must take note of. If your little flower girl can wait, you might wish to dress her last.

Ask Her Opinion

The full skirt is largely the most popular, generally puffed up with tulle or organza.

This is your little princess, walking down the aisle before you as a miniature version of the bride! Provide her with the kind of dress she can twirl around in and we make certain she’ll be satisfied.

If you’re flexible on the look for her gown, why not ask? Possibly she wishes to look much like you and there’s a smaller variation of your dress that she could wear for an additional special look.

Think About the Neckline

If at all possible, choose a dress with straps and a reasonably high neckline. Not only will this be more comfortable for your flower lady, but it will avoid any humiliating wardrobe malfunctions on your wedding day!

Go tea length for younger flower ladies If the flower lady is on the more youthful side, opt for a tea-length gown given that they won’t be able to trip on the bottom of the skirt and are less likely to have a wardrobe or aisle malfunction. If the flower girl is on the older side, tea-length works too– but you can consider longer gowns since they aren’t as likely to run around in them and a longer gown can actually be flattering and all grown up at the same time.

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