How To Buy A Used Wedding Dress: Tips & Advice

Have you considered purchasing a used bridal gown to endure your wedding day?

This can be an excellent choice to conserve cash on your wedding– particularly if you have your eye on a designer frock that would otherwise bust a modest budget. Purchasing a pre-owned wedding dress can easily save you over 50% off the price of your dress. Sounds quite #budget savvy to us!

You might have reservations about buying a used bridal gown, or possibly you simply aren’t sure where to start. In this post, we outline whatever you need to know about acquiring a previously-owned wedding dress from a reseller or previous bride!

Why buying a utilized wedding dress is the best idea for a spending plan smart bride-to-be

A budget-savvy bride-to-be enjoys getting excellent quality at a fantastic price– this is the meaning of value.

Purchasing a used bridal gown is a fantastic opportunity to get a high-quality designer dress at a fraction of the cost of buying new. It doesn’t get a more savvy spending plan than that!

Perhaps you consider yourself a green goddess– you love all things environmentally friendly and want to do your part to protect our planet with your wedding plans. Buying a dress from another bride-to-be helps reduce the quantity of waste your wedding event is creating. Buying a utilized dress permits you to conserve green and go green at the same time!

Buy Pre-Owned Bridal Gown Online

At online markets like eBay and Vestiaire, you have the opportunity to get the greatest take and see the biggest selection. Case-in-point, eBay UK currently hosts an enormous 14,000+ pre-loved wedding dresses and some even cost just ₤ 36 and with desirable pre-loved bridal gowns selling for a much-reduced price of around ₤ 650.

Start Your Dress Search Early

When you buy a brand-new wedding dress you can simply check which shops carry the brands you like and then go to try out the dresses.

It Is Various With Used Gowns.

When you’ll find the dress you love in the right size so start the search early enough, you can’t be sure. Sometimes you can find one right now, often discovering the ideal dress can take a year or so. It depends on what type of style you’re searching for and what sizes are available.

Know Our Own Dress Size– Get Measured

Because you may not have a sales assistant to assist you out, knowing your own size and measurements is absolutely necessary for discovering a gown that fits you well. Your basic jersey t-shirt S/M/L -sizes are not cutting it in this case. Get yourself properly measured by a friend, relative, at a clothes store, or by a seamstress.

The important measurements are your bust, waist and the best part of your hips.

You can attempt to take these measurements on your own, however, ensure that the measuring tape is straight and does not tip-up or down. Then use those while taking the measurements, if you wish to use the gown with high heels.

Have A Sensible Budget

Be reasonable and realistic about your budget plan and keep in mind to consider any extras that you actually want. For example, you might want to purchase the likes of a veil separately. It might be the case that you will require to have some alterations made to the dress. Make sure that you have a rough idea of how much this type of work might cost.

Is Something Too Inexpensive?

The old adage of ‘If something appears too good to be true, then it most likely is’ applies to basically whatever in life– and pre-owned bridal gown shopping is no exception. Yes, it is perfectly possible to get an excellent second-hand bridal gown at a fantastic rate, however, when something just seems too cheap, that’s most likely a great factor to prevent it and leave it alone.

Get Familiar With Fabrics

In-store, you can run silk through your fingers– however online, you need to know simply how each material will fold and flex. Certain materials stretch while others are much stiffer. Just know what you’re looking for so you’re comfortable in your dress.

Know The Shop’s Policies

Would you still buy it if shipping expense as much as the dress? Or take a danger if you weren’t allowed to return it? “The last thing you want is to buy an incredible gown online just for it to get here and not be what you expected without any hope of a return.

Read Product Descriptions Completely

Though quite technical, dress descriptions help you comprehend precisely what you’re purchasing. “This will provide you with a clear understanding of what fabrics are being used, how the gown is lined, where the gown is made, and sometimes how it fits. “It’s always helpful if there is a video of the model using the gown, so scroll through all of the images.”

Expect To Pay Around Half

Once and is in good condition generally sells for about 50 per cent of its original value, a quality wedding gown that has been worn. If the gown has substantial damage then you can expect reductions of up to 80 per cent of the original rate, so ensure you look into the pre-loved bridal gown you’re thinking about to ensure that you are actually getting the benefit of the distinction in price in between a new dress and a pre-loved one.

Dry-Clean Your Purchase

Many pre-loved dresses are dry-cleaned before the sale, but it is always best to have it steamed or cleaned before wearing it, just to ensure it is truly tidy. If it has been packed away or shipped to you, Dry cleaning will also fluff out the fabric. If in doubt, ask to see an invoice

It may be worth asking to see her original receipt if you are buying a designer gown. That way you’ll have the ability to confirm whether the dress is an initial or, possibly, a knock off. How is a wedding dress dry cleaned? Check this out and fill up this contact form.

Is A Used Bridal Gown Right For Me?

Buying a secondhand wedding dress is a great option that more and more brides are turning to. It is wise to do a good amount of research before buying, so take the time to ask the seller detailed questions and request recent photos and videos. You can even ask to set up a video call with the seller so you can see what the dress looks like now versus what it did on her wedding day.

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